explore butter - try a butter tasting

Its made of cream and maybe a little salt. It might have a culture added. Agitation turns it solid. With so few ingredients and such simple production, how different can butters be? Taste tests with chefs have shown butters can be astoundingly different from brand to brand.

Why do a Tasting?

With ever-limited resources, we all want to be sure our investment in time and money pays off with the best results. With butter, quality is easily evident with a simple taste test. To experience the difference in butters, start with a basic supermarket butter and Kerrygold Butter from Ireland, which is made with milk from cows that are free-range and grass-fed. (You can find Kerrygold readily in your neighborhood store or visit our store locator). Why these two butters? The two butters reflect a wide contrast beginning with differences in climate where cows are raised, to the way they are cared for and the feed they eat that might be expected to impart different nuances to the butter that results. First try a taste test of the two butters eaten plain, then try the butters in an easy-to-make butter cookie that you can bake quickly. You may be surprised at just how different two butters can be!

How to Taste Salted and Unsalted Butter Plain
How to Taste Butter in a Baked Cookie

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